Citizen Code of Conduct

More Perfect Union is dedicated to healing the divide in our country and fighting for a more responsive government that meets the needs of all Americans.

All those who are a part of MPU and the movement should share the same vision and must be committed to the following code of conduct.

I commit to:

Prioritizing the good of the country, rather than the priorities of my party.

I recognize that we must move beyond our partisan corners to move the country forward. While I will continue to advocate for my views and priorities, I will also value compromise and leaders who seek to find bipartisan solutions.

Working to find common ground on issues big and small.

I will make a concerted effort to find common ground rather than focusing on our differences. I will value different perspectives and engage in honest debate to find the commonalities that build a unified American identity.

Treating others with respect.

This means I will keep my word, listen to others who disagree with me, and treat others like I would like to be treated. I will strive to set an example for those in my community.

Admitting when I make a mistake.

I recognize that it is important to be humble and own my mistakes. More importantly, I will learn from my mistakes to better serve my community.

Avoiding rhetoric or behavior that exacerbates the political divide.

I will avoid questioning the motives of those on the opposite side of the aisle, and instead seek to understand where they are coming from. I will remind myself and others that we are all Americans first and foremost, not enemies.

Upholding the truth and not spreading misinformation.

I will tell the truth and not spread misinformation. I will not spread or repeat conspiracy theories.

Using all platforms, including social media responsibly.

I will not use my platform to attack others or contribute to the toxicity we see in social media. I will seek to build community, bring people together, and talk to – not over – others.

Having zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.

I will not discriminate nor tolerate any discrimination. I will uphold an environment that is free of discrimination and work to be inclusive of people of different backgrounds. If discrimination does surface, I will call it out.