MPU is a nationwide movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by creating meaningful connections through service and leadership.

MPU forms local chapters to bring people together through service, civics, and leadership. We are training and inspiring the next generation of leaders to serve their communities.

When we create stronger communities, we create a stronger nation. We’re working to create a More Perfect Union.

+Unity +Hope

This is the moment to stand up and lead – together.

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America needs a new form of leadership – one grounded in service.

We must take ownership of the problems we face, become part of the solutions, include all voices, and create a common purpose. Let’s become more than passive observers. Let’s serve our communities and build better futures.

More Perfect Union forms veteran-led local chapters that put the interests of others ahead of their own. These decent, principled community leaders bring together Americans from all backgrounds to carry out local, state, and regional community service projects and volunteer opportunities. Together, we strengthen and unite our communities.


America needs to re-learn what civic responsibility looks like.

Americans have forgotten what it means to be Americans. We cherish the individual rights we have, yet we’ve forgotten the responsibilities we have to our democracy. As Americans, we have a civic duty to our communities and our country.

More Perfect Union Chapters will educate our members on civics – the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. Civics is more than just voting, it is about engaging in your local community to make it better and stronger.


Real leadership unites and inspires people towards a common purpose.

Differences are important—it is our differences that make us stronger—but we cannot allow our differences to define us. We need to recommit to a set of shared values and a common purpose. By identifying and elevating Americans who are committed to these values in our communities, we will be more united and can heal our nation, together.

More Perfect Union provides leadership development for those who want to make a difference in their community. We’re connecting civilians and veterans through community service projects, civic education, and building generational leadership from the American youth to our eldest generation.

Are you willing to step into the arena to serve your community?

This is the moment to stand up and lead – together.

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We exist for the millions of Americans who deserve a More Perfect Union.

Here’s our founding story.

“This isn’t the country I remember.”

Jake Harriman, the Founder of More Perfect Union, was born and raised in a small farming community called the Whetsell Settlement in West Virginia. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, Jake spent seven and a half years in the Marine Corps as both an Infantry and Force Recon Marine. During two combat tours in Iraq, Jake saw how extremism and debilitating poverty could tear apart the foundation of a nation and lead to instability — so he went about trying to reduce poverty to reduce extremism.

Jake moved to rural Kenya to start Nuru International after graduating from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Nuru has now become a highly decorated NGO that trains local community leaders to apply a variety of effective, sustainable, poverty reduction methods to help stop the spread of violent extremism.

When he returned home, he saw the need to fight political extremism on the rise right here in the United States.

More Perfect Union was founded to propose solutions on the local community level to help heal the divide in our nation. The skills that Jake acquired as a Force Recon Marine, Stanford Business School graduate, and CEO of an international NGO have all led him to this moment.

Jake was a 2015 Presidential Leadership Scholar, a 2014 White House Champion of Change, a 2015 Goldman-Sachs Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneur, and is the recipient of the Unsung Hero of Compassion award from the Dalai Lama.