More Perfect Union’s Community Agreement

Our mission: MPU is a movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by creating meaningful connections through service and leadership.

All those who are involved with +MPU should be aligned with our mission and must commit to the following community agreement.

I commit to:

Finding Common Ground. This means…

I will prioritize the promise of America and the greater good of my nation and my community, rather than focusing on what divides us.

I recognize that we must move beyond our differences to move the country forward. While I will continue to share and freely express my own views and priorities, I will also value compromise and work with my neighbors in order to find solutions to problems facing all Americans.

I will make a concerted effort to find common ground rather than focusing on our differences. I will value different perspectives and engage in honest, respectful conversations to find the commonalities that build a unified citizenry.

Treating others with respect. This means…

I will keep my word, listen to others who disagree with me, and treat others as I would wish to be treated in kind. I will strive to set an example for those in my community.

I recognize that it is important to be humble and own my mistakes. More importantly, I will admit to and learn from my mistakes to better serve my community.

I will work to avoid questioning the motives of those who hold different positions from me, and instead seek to understand their unique perspectives and experiences. I will remind myself and others that we are all Americans first and foremost, not enemies.

Upholding the truth and not spreading misinformation. This means…

I will tell the truth and to the best of my ability and understanding, I will not spread misinformation and/or conspiracy theories.

I will not use my platform(s) to attack others or behave in a way that may contribute to the toxicity we see in the media. I will seek to build community, bring people together, and talk with – not over – others.

Having zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. This means…

I will not promote or condone discrimination or harassment of any kind in my community, including based on someone’s race, color, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other ground prohibited by applicable law.

I will uphold and be part of an environment that is free of discrimination, and work to be inclusive of people of different backgrounds. If discrimination does surface, I will call it out. If I make a mistake and offend someone, I am willing to be held accountable, and to engage myself and my community to learn from it.