A Courageous Swim with Gentle Giants

Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta’s MPU Brickyard is partnering with the Georgia Aquarium to provide MPU members an opportunity to swim with gentle giants. Have you dreamed about swimming with whale sharks, sting rays, turtles, or fish? Now is your chance!

The salt water dive will begin at 3:30 pm and finish at 6 pm on November 16. MPU will have refreshments and a conversation about our experience in the pool.

All swimming equipment, digital photography, and videography will be provided free of charge.

With your ticket*, you get free entrance to the aquarium for the remainder of the day. MPU will reimburse your parking tickets at the refreshments and conversation portion of the event.


*Note: swimming tickets have been sold out. Your ticket gets you in the door to enjoy watching the swim, join MPU and Atlanta neighbors for food and conversation, and free entrance to the aquarium.

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About the Atlanta Chapter

More Perfect Union’s inaugural Brickyard is in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta is home to several historical movements that have changed the course of American history. Its community embodies the work that +MPU aims to achieve. Atlanta is a microcosm of America – a contrast and blend between old and new, black and white, south and urban.

The Atlanta’s Brickyard Captain is Stacey Chavis supported by Brickyard leaders Dami Olaoye, Shon Westfall, Terrill McFarland, and Dan Israel.

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