Brickyard Breakfast Club

The Botanical Gardens, Mershon Hall in Atlanta, GA

Come join us for the first Atlanta Brickyard Breakfast Club!

More Perfect Union is forming local Chapters across the United States called “Brickyards”. These Brickyards are a mobile place for citizens to connect and engage in service projects, civic education, and leadership development. MPU is holding its first Brickyard Breakfast in Atlanta on May 19, 2022.

Join us for a fireside chat with our Founder, Jake Harriman and Rodney Bullard, Executive Director of the Chick-fil-A Foundation. We will be discussing how servant leadership led to their successes and how we can learn from it to improve our communities.

Brickyard Breakfast Clubs connect local leaders with members of their community by sharing leadership experiences and having a meal together.

About the Atlanta Chapter

More Perfect Union’s inaugural Brickyard is in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta is home to several historical movements that have changed the course of American history. Its community embodies the work that +MPU aims to achieve. Atlanta is a microcosm of America – a contrast and blend between old and new, black and white, south and urban.

The Atlanta’s Brickyard Captain is Stacey Chavis supported by Brickyard leaders Dami Olaoye, Shon Westfall, Terrill McFarland, and Dan Israel.

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