+More Perfect Union Chicago Coffee Club – January ’24

Heritage Bikes & Coffee

Join us for a good conversation over coffee and meet your community neighbors!

+MPU (More Perfect Union: mpu.us) is a nationwide movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by creating meaningful connections through service and leadership.

The Chicago +MPU team aims to create meaningful connections across the city and surrounding area by creating opportunities for people to connect while celebrating our differences, identifying our commonalities, and brainstorming service projects we can support to improve our neighborhoods and communities.

In 2023, the +MPU Chicago Brickyard hosted a Juneteenth Tea Party and School Supply Drive, both ideas generated by community members. What ideas do you have to bring our city together?

About the Chicago Chapter

Chicago is America’s crossroads, forged in fire from Midwestern steel. From innovation to social movement, Chicago’s been a beacon throughout American history, and stands as much as a testament to overcoming adversity as it does to what we can achieve together. The Chicago Brickyard is led by Sidney Covington and supported by Dan Biga.

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