Mel’s Charities 5k run and +MPU Brunch

Rotary All Children's Playground

Calling friends, neighbors and community members out for a community impacting 5k run Saturday, September 23rd. Let’s support Mel’s Charities’ efforts to raise funds for our local nonprofits and community needs. Come with your running shoes or a drink and a voice to cheer the runners on! This 5k is family and dog friendly so bring all your kids!

Sign up to join our team, +MPU Dairyland Brickyard, here:

If you’re not familiar with Mel’s Charities, get to know about them here – grassroots power at its best.

Join +MPU afterwards for a rich conversation and fabulous food at a local venue afterwards. 10:30 the feast starts, so drop off your furry kids after the race and come on over. The venue will be shared closer to the event date so please RSVP!

We will have a structured conversation about Servant Leadership – a characteristic, I believe, of many Wisconsinites. In a time marked by stark division, leaders often focus more on their own points of view than on the common good. This can leave us more divided, and less prepared to tackle our challenges and build our shared future. But servant leadership offers a different approach. According to Robert K. Greenleaf, who coined the phrase more than 50 years ago, servant leadership “begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first.” Where a traditional leader’s focus is to improve the position of the organization, the servant leader focuses on helping the people they lead to grow and thrive in all areas.

About the Cedarburg Chapter

Across cities and towns just like yours nationwide, we serve our communities by starting with bringing different neighbors together for events centered around Service, Leadership, and Civics.

By rolling up our sleeves side-by-side, we can begin to see that we have more in common than what divides us; that first and foremost we are fellow Americans with a common love for our families and communities.

These Chapters – also known as our Brickyards – are mobile places for neighbors to connect and solve local problems. We do this through respectful and open conversations, and to find higher ground as we work together brick-by-brick.

The Dairyland Brickyard is located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin and led by Naoimi Lundman.

Visit the Cedarburg Chapter Page

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