+MPU DC Coffee Club at Zinnia

Zinnia - Silver Spring

+More Perfect Union is a nationwide movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by creating meaningful connections through service and leadership.

Do you look around at what’s happening in the country and wish things were better? Well, you can do something about it: Show up. Bring a friend. Join the movement.

Come out to Zinnia, a wonderful coffee spot in Silver Spring, MD. We’ll treat you to coffee and have a relaxed conversation on the mission of +More Perfect Union.

About the DMV, Washington Chapter

Washington, D.C. has always been a place of compromise. Born as the beating heart of American democracy, D.C. has long been a symbol of what we can achieve when we come together, and what can go wrong when division takes the place of connectedness in our communities.

The D.C. Brickyard is led by Ben Bain, Jaelin Lespier, and Ryan Smither.

Visit the DMV, Washington Chapter Page

Black and White photo of the Washington monument in Washington, D.C.