+MPU DC Event: Gallery+Talk @ Clarendon Thu 9/7

Three Whistles - Eat Drink Work

The +More Perfect Union D.C.-Area Brickyard is hosting an event at Three Whistles Coffeehouse & Cowork Space on Thursday, September 7th starting at 6:45pm. Open to all, but limited space!

+MPU (www.mpu.us) is a nationwide movement whose mission is to build meaningful connections and close divides between Americans. We can accomplish more united than divided. We need to meet our neighbors, break bread together, and talk to those outside our everyday bubbles to find higher ground around shared values.

One of our very own Brickyard Members has his photography on display in the beautiful space at Three Whistles. We’ll have the chance to see his work and hear from him about his inspiration and experience putting his photos on public display. We will then walk to a nearby restaurant (dinner on us) and share in a structured conversation about courage. RSVP and bring a friend!

About the DMV, Washington Chapter

Washington, D.C. has always been a place of compromise. Born as the beating heart of American democracy, D.C. has long been a symbol of what we can achieve when we come together, and what can go wrong when division takes the place of connectedness in our communities.

The D.C. Brickyard is led by Ben Bain, Jaelin Lespier, and Ryan Smither.

Visit the DMV, Washington Chapter Page

Black and White photo of the Washington monument in Washington, D.C.