First-Ever +MPU National Virtual Coffee Club


+MPU’s Coffee Club is an opportunity to bring together your local community of neighbors and friends for a cup of coffee (or tea) wherever you choose. Open to members and curious newcomers — anyone is encouraged to attend.

We’re hosting a virtual coffee club with a majority of the +MPU Leadership Team attending (Executive Director Garrett Cathcart, Director of Brickyards Mary Tobin, Director of Operations Victoria Rametta, Program Manager Trip O’Connell, and Digital Media Specialist Maina Chen)! If you’ve got burning questions, don’t hesitate to ask in this (rare) opportunity where we’re all present. Get to know us and the +MPU Movement.

We can tell you everything from how to successfully host a coffee club to how meeting up for a beverage could impact your community. We’ve seen it happen and are astounded at the tenacity of our members (which we’ve shouted out in past newsletters). And if you have any questions about +MPU in general, we’re ready. Can’t wait to see you until then!


The video chatting link will be posted soon. Until then, registrations are open!