+MPU L.A. Brickyard Welcome Dinner

Cantina Frida

Americans live in their bubbles and it fuels political and cultural divisions. Neighbors no longer talk to one another, and people from different walks of life interact less and less. The meaningful connections that once created a sense of community and a united America are increasingly rare.

+ More Perfect Union (+MPU) is creating a national movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by creating meaningful connections through service and leadership. We form local chapters, called Brickyards, that bring people together through service, civics, and leadership.

+MPU L.A. Brickyard is hosting its first event April 2 at 6pm PST. Over dinner, we’ll learn more about each other, what we hope to achieve in the L.A. region, and what each of us believes the American Dream means.

The April 2 dinner will be at Cantina Frida in Beverly Hills. Jason Mayo, L.A. Brickyard Co-Founder, will bring together +MPU members, friends, and community leaders from across the L.A. region for dinner and conversation.

The dinner will last about 2.5 hours and we’ll discuss ways to participate in the +MPU L.A. Brickyard activities.

About the Los Angeles Chapter

Los Angeles is more than sunshine and Hollywood stars. LA has always been a city of rich cultural diversity, and a beacon of prosperity for migrants and immigrants around the globe. This diversity has made the City of Angels a catalyst for civil rights and cultural movements that reverberate across the nation.

The LA Brickyard works to connect communities from Pasadena to Torrance and ensure that Los Angeles remains a city welcome to all. The LA Brickyard is Co-Founded and led by Jason Mayo.

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