+MPU LA Brickyard Art Walking Tour

527 Colyton St, 90013

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+More Perfect Union (+MPU) is creating a national movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by making meaningful connections. We form local chapters called Brickyards that bring people together through service, civics, and leadership.

On May 6, our LA Brickyard chapter will host a free, guided graffiti art walking tour in downtown LA at the corner of Colyton and Palmetto in the Arts District with ample street parking. +MPU will also provide coffee (or tea) and donuts.

Tag along with LA Brickyard Captain Jason Mayo and two top street artists as LA Art Tours takes us into the world of LA street art. Long a pioneer of the global graffiti scene, Los Angeles is home to an amazing quantity of gifted urban artists and street art pioneers. This 1.5-hour walking tour takes us to the famous Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where we will learn it all from artists who have called these streets home for decades. We will learn about the history of graffiti, how LA’s street art is unique from other cities across the globe, and even how one LA neighborhood can be different from the next.  We’ll come away with a better appreciation for the artists’ techniques, the meaning behind unique tags and images, and how street artists collaborate and work within crews. This event brings the message of Courage and Hope, but we will also likely be filled with Angeleno pride and maybe even leave singing, “I LOVE LA!”

This special event is from 9:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. and starts promptly at 10 a.m.

Be sure to RVSP ASAP and show up on time because tickets are slated to sell out, and no-shows take the experience from someone else who would’ve wanted to come.

RSVPs will close two days before the event date, and day-of show-ups are not permitted.

We’ll end the day at a nearby park to discuss +MPU’s goals and the importance of creating more positive spaces and events.

See the Recap

About the Los Angeles Chapter

Los Angeles is more than sunshine and Hollywood stars. LA has always been a city of rich cultural diversity, and a beacon of prosperity for migrants and immigrants around the globe. This diversity has made the City of Angels a catalyst for civil rights and cultural movements that reverberate across the nation.

The LA Brickyard works to connect communities from Pasadena to Torrance and ensure that Los Angeles remains a city welcome to all. The LA Brickyard is Co-Founded and led by Jason Mayo.

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