+MPU Morristown: RHA Annual Stream Cleanup

Far Hills Fairgrounds

What to Bring

  • Reusable water bottle -stay hydrated!
  • RHA will not be providing snacks and drinks as we have in the past.
  • Trash pickers- if you got ’em bring ’em!
  • Work gloves – RHA provides gloves but you are welcome to bring and wear your own work gloves. (Fabric gloves with rubber palms work best.)
  • Change of shoes and a small towel in your car if you plan on going somewhere afterward.

What to Wear

No one is required to get into the stream.

The majority of litter is typically along the stream bank edges, access points, walking paths and parking areas.

  • This event is rain or shine, dress accordingly! (i.e. if it’s raining, wear a raincoat)
  • Please wear long sleeves, long pants to protect from tree branches, briars, ticks and other insects.
  • Sturdy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and wet. (don’t be wearing those new white Gucci’s!)
  • Hats, sunscreen and bug spray are also recommended.
  • If weather, stream depth, stream flow and access is safe and you plan to enter the stream, come prepared with rubber boots or waders.


On the morning of the cleanup:

  • Arrive on time and check in with the site leader.
  • Listen to and follow all directions and safety protocols for the event.
  • The Site Leader will orient you to the site and explain the area to be cleaned up.
  • We will provide you with gloves, trash and recycling bags and a data collection card. (please feel free to bring your own work gloves)
  • Keep an accurate count of the amount and type of litter you pick up and record it on the provided data card.
  • When the stream cleanup is over, bring your litter bags and other debris to the designated drop off spot at your site.
  • Kids are welcome to participate in this service project with an adult.
  • Keep a close eye on your children throughout the event – their safety is paramount.

Event Partners

About the Morristown Chapter

Across cities and towns just like yours nationwide, we serve our communities by starting with bringing different neighbors together for events centered around Service, Leadership, and Civics.

By rolling up our sleeves side-by-side, we can begin to see that we have more in common than what divides us; that first and foremost we are fellow Americans with a common love for our families and communities.

These Chapters – also known as our Brickyards – are mobile places for neighbors to connect and solve local problems. We do this through respectful and open conversations, and to find higher ground as we work together brick-by-brick.

The Morristown, NJ Brickyard is led by Sam LaNasa and supported by Alex Ireland and Ryan Enriquez.

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