+MPU South Bend Monthly Coffee Club


We believe about the future of our country lies in the hands of those who are willing to step up and bridge the divide — one of the ways we do this at +MPU is our monthly Coffee Club. Come with an open heart and mind, ready to meet your fellow neighbors and enjoy good coffee and conversation.

Following this month’s coffee club, many of us will be going to Mishawaka Fairview Cemetery to participate in Wreaths Across America. We invite you (and your friend and family) to join us!

+More Perfect Union (www.mpu.us) is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing people of all backgrounds together to strengthen American democracy and fulfill the founding vision of an America where everyone has equal freedom and opportunity.

About the South Bend Chapter

Across cities and towns just like yours nationwide, we serve our communities by starting with bringing different neighbors together for events centered around Service, Leadership, and Civics.

By rolling up our sleeves side-by-side, we can begin to see that we have more in common than what divides us; that first and foremost we are fellow Americans with a common love for our families and communities.

These Chapters – also known as our Brickyards – are mobile places for neighbors to connect and solve local problems. We do this through respectful and open conversations, and to find higher ground as we work together brick-by-brick.

The South Bend, IN Brickyard is led by Sara Hunold.

Visit the South Bend Chapter Page

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