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Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity

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More Perfect Union knows the American Dream is no longer alive and well. We’re an organization who brings together like-minded citizens to put the future of a more unified America back in our own hands. And in July, as we celebrate what Independence means for our nation, we’re walking the walk and helping hardworking families build their own homes.

We invite you to join other neighbors and local families for our July 16, 2022 Day of Service. Together, we’ll be helping two persevering families carve out their futures and meeting a host of Georgia neighbors who all believe service is a true pillar of a promising nation.

Ready to meet the families working hard to make their American Dream possible?

Nilka lives to be a good mom. As a breast cancer survivor, she’s taught her children the value of perseverance and she works hard every day to make her kids proud. As a mother of three, she wants the peace of mind and stability that comes with owning a home. She’s not a stranger to stress and struggle; Nilka became a mother at 17, but that didn’t stop her from getting her Bachelor’s degree from a local university. Living in overcrowded conditions put stress on her family, but now it’s time for their breakthrough.

Shakilya is also a mom of three energetic boys, and her American Dream is a safe outdoor space for them and a place they can be proud of. Getting by hasn’t always been easy, it’s been a downright bumpy road that’s brought tears many times, but she’s never given up hope. Grateful for this opportunity to work alongside neighbors like you, Shakilya looks forward to hosting her first family game night for her boys–at home.

We are partnering with Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity to help these two families–and we can’t do it without you.

Join us at 8 a.m. Saturday, July 16, 2022 in Lovejoy, GA to help build these families’ future with our own hands.

By helping each other as neighbors, we help ourselves.

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About the Atlanta Chapter

More Perfect Union’s inaugural Brickyard is in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta is home to several historical movements that have changed the course of American history. Its community embodies the work that +MPU aims to achieve. Atlanta is a microcosm of America – a contrast and blend between old and new, black and white, south and urban.

The Atlanta’s Brickyard Captain is Stacey Chavis supported by Brickyard leaders Dami Olaoye, Shon Westfall, Terrill McFarland, and Dan Israel.

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