Bluegrass Brickyard Hope for Heroes Golf

Lexington Brickyard

mpu   |   July 27, 2023

Putters out, golfing fans! On a sunny day in Louisville, Kentucky, 100 veterans, first responders, and volunteers came together for a full day of golf hosted by Bluegrass Brickyard Captain Larry Danna and Hope For Heroes. The turnout for the first +MPU event in the Lexington and Louisville area was incredible!

Fitting in with our values of +Hope and +Humility, the event’s theme was to raise money to help military veterans, police, firefighters, and EMTs learn the serene and precise game of golfing — even if they were completely new to it.

There was a sense of peace gazing on those manicured lawns and seeing how many players, green and seasoned, were there to support those keen on trying the skill-based sport.

Larry’s most memorable moment happened before the event started, where a retired veteran band played the national anthem, and everyone who attended had a moment that embraced their shared love of the country.

What makes events like these important is creating a space for people to go out of their usual routines and attempt something new. In turn, you can be just like the hundred attendees who formed new and local connections with people who they never would’ve met before.

If you would like to be more involved with the Bluegrass Brickyard, we invite you to become a member to be included in the upcoming events around the area.