Host an +MPU Coffee Club

Making new friends can be hard, but sparking meaningful conversation can be easier than you think. Sometimes all you need is a time and place.

+MPU’s Coffee Club is an opportunity to explore beyond your usual crowd and talk with people you might not typically encounter. Bring together your local community of neighbors and friends for a cup of coffee (or tea) wherever you choose. Open to members and curious newcomers — anyone is encouraged to drop by. These are currently limited-capacity events, but we aim to expand more in the future!

+MPU Members will receive a gift card of $50 for you and your guests. Sign up for more details on this page if you want to host an +MPU Coffee Club in the future, and you’ll be invited to the informational session on April 13 at 6:30 pm to learn how to host it.

Stick around to chat about how +MPU is transforming towns and communities across the nation!