Austin Jackson

Austin Brickyard Leader


Headshot of Austin Jackson, a white man wearing a suit.

Austin is on the Brickyard Leadership team in Austin, Texas. 

He lives in Austin, TX with his wife Allison and two cats. He works as a management consultant serving government and tech clients, and he has led numerous pro-bono projects helping improve the operations of non-profit orgs in the US and abroad.

Austin also served as the Program Lead for Deloitte’s D2international skills-based volunteering program, which spans 18 initiatives, 11 countries, and 200+ volunteers. He worked on setting program strategy, managing the program budget (~$300k), implementing an impact measurement methodology, and leading project teams to support the non-profits (ex. Chab Dai, MiParque Foundation, and Hagar International). Austin also regularly volunteers with PEAS Community Garden in Austin helping to maintain the garden for the elementary school students that use it.

He has a passion for civic participation and community, and you are most likely to find him gardening, cheering on his Tar Heels, enjoying live shows, or swinging around kettlebells.