Christopher Legier

2024 Fellow and Southside Brickyard Captain


Christopher Legier is a 2024 Fellow and MPU’s Southside – Houston, TX Brickyard Captain.

Christopher Legier was born in and lives in Houston, TX. Chris had the chance to travel the world and experience many cultures. He is a veteran, father, government employee, and active in his community. Chris served in the global war on terrorism, deploying to Iraq and Kuwait multiple times. He is a graduate of the University of Houston, where he received a degree in psychology. In addition, Chris is also a graduate of Houston Christian University formerly Houston Baptist University, where he received his MA in psychology.

In his free time, Chris is interested in flying (helicopters and fixed wing). He is known to be a former talk show host and current producer of a weekly social issues show. He currently works at the Department of Veterans Affairs / Baylor University in the research department and is the author of the book, Thoughts of a Deployed Soldier. His goal is to continue serving the county through community and political engagement.