Dami Olaoye

2023 Fellow and ATL Brickyard Leader

Headshot of a Dami Olaoye, a Black man wearing glasses in front of scenic mountains.

Dami Olaoye is a 2023 MPU Fellow from Stockbridge, Georgia. He is the Brickyard Leader for Atlanta’s More Perfect Union Chapter.

Dami Olaoye is a proud Nigerian-American who has triumphed over challenges to pursue his dreams. As the eldest of four siblings, he has consistently led by example, inspiring those around him. Joining the military as a combat medic in 2015, Dami quickly advanced to the rank of Sergeant. Throughout his deployments, including his significant contribution to the COVID response in New York, he provided crucial support to citizens and fellow soldiers in distress. Building on his emergency response experience, Dami transitioned to become a 911 dispatcher at Grady Hospital, gaining invaluable expertise in emergency medical services. Graduating with a mechanical engineering degree in 2021, he is now dedicated to continuous growth, pursuing certifications in PMP and LSS Black Belt to enhance lives and establish accountable systems. Dami’s commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to others, motivating them to strive for greatness.