Douglas Seich

Belmont, CA Brickyard Leader

Headshot of a white, middle-aged man smiling in a checkered button up shirt

Doug Seich is a new +MPU Brickyard Leader on the way to establishing a Brickyard in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Doug is a business leader in technology at Facebook Reality Labs and a former Marine Corps fighter pilot who thrives on building and developing teams to achieve excellence.

He commits his time toward efforts that will improve people‚Äôs lives through product or service, in organizations characterized by collaboration and purpose. Doug’s expertise is in people leadership, scaling teams, project management, data interpretation, and cross-functional team alignment in both the tech industry and aviation. He has long and varied experience tackling difficult problems in new and unfamiliar settings. Doug’s fields of interest include technology and aviation, with a desire to continue to learn and solve new challenges.