Jaelin Lespier

Washington, D.C. Brickyard Leader

Headshot of a lightskinned woman with long dark chair wearing a red long sleeved shirt with trees in the background.

Jaelin Lespier joined the Washington, D.C. Brickyard Leadership team in January 2023.

Most recently she worked at Twitter, where she provided recommendations on how to make the platform’s products and services safer for users. Her work included efforts to promote privacy & user choice, combat online misinformation, encourage pro-social engagement, and ensure child safety on the platform. Prior to Twitter, Jaelin served on the staff of the Defense Innovation Board (DIB). Her research for the DIB focused on how emerging technologies, workforce and culture reform, and public-private partnerships can produce innovative capabilities and policies for the Department of Defense.

Jaelin holds a MA in Security Studies from Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, with a focus in technology and national security policy, and a BA in International Affairs from the University of South Florida.