Jarrad Turner

Atlanta Brickyard Co-Founder

headshot of Jarrad Turner, a bald Black man with glasses and beard, with mountains in the background

Jarrad Turner is one of More Perfect Union’s Atlanta Brickyard Co-Founders.

Jarrad was born and raised in Long Island, NY along with his three siblings. After he graduated from high school Jarrad attended Alabama State University (ASU) in Montgomery, AL in 1993. While he was enrolled at ASU, he majored in Business Management. Jarrad graduated from ASU in 1999. After he graduated, he worked at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, AL. In March 2000 he enlisted in the US Army as 68W Health Care Specialist. He was stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA and served with the 3 rd Infantry Division. He served with 3ID for eight years and was deployed to Iraq twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). During his second deployment, he was injured during a mortar attack. As a result of the attack, he had to be medically evacuated to Lahnsthul Germany. He sustained multi-injuries and had to have several surgeries. He served two more years after in the Army at Ft Sam Houston where he trained soldiers to become medics. Jarrad was unable to continue his career in the Army due to the residuals of my injuries. He was medically retired from the Army in 2010 as a Staff Sergeant. When Jarrad left the Army in 2010 he made a promise to himself. He promised that he would continue to serve his fellow brothers and sisters in arms. The relationships that he formed in the Army were strong, but the relations forged in battle have proven to be even stronger. Jarrad felt that it was his duty to continue to support his brothers & sisters in arms. He felt the best way for him to give back was to work as a Veterinarian. He has been working to improve the quality and access to resources since 2010. He worked for the Atlanta VA Medical Center (VAMC) & the Atlanta VA Regional Office (VARO). Prior to accepting his current position as Director of Warrior Engagement for The Warrior Alliance (TWA) Jarrad served as Senior National Service Officer (SNSO) for two years with the WWP. While working at WWP he supported the Warriors in Alabama, Georgia & Mississippi. In 2018 he secured more than 2.2 million dollars in service-connected benefits for WWPalumni in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Jarrad is CEO/ Co-Founder of 9P Solutions, located in Atlanta. 9P Solutions, LLC is a minority veteran-owned solution provider specializing in managed services and cyber security. Our consulting mobilizes servicemembers & veterans with background technology to help organizations improve their business performance. The Army Cyber Security Command is in Augusta, Georgia. 9P connects, engages, and employs those soldiers and veterans that have trained at the cyber command to address the needs of its clients. Jarrad is currently serving on the Board of Directors at the Shepherd Center. He serves on the marketing/communications and the innovation committees at the Shepherd Center as well. He is also a member of the Shepherd Men; the team runs to raise awareness for the Share Military Initiative. Each member of the team runs wearing a twenty-two-pound tactical vest. The vest serves represents the invisible wounds veterans carry every day. Over the past several years the team has raised over 8.2 million dollars in support of its mission.