Keisha Washington

2023 Fellow and Tallahassee Brickyard Captain

Headshot of Keisha Washington, a Black woman standing in front of scenic mountains

Keisha Washington is a 2023 MPU Fellow and Brickyard Captain of the Tallahassee, Florida chapter.

Keisha is an Army Veteran and has an extensive background working with government contractors and dedicating over 25 years to the Education System as a volunteer and mentor. She actively serves on the boards of Warriors Restoration, Inclusion Café, and Women Veterans Unite, channeling her commitment to making a positive impact.

Currently, Keisha holds the position of “Veteran Resource Specialist” at 211 Big Bend, a humanitarian Non-Profit Organization located in the Tallahassee Florida area. In addition, she runs her own non-profit organization, driven by her deep passion for improving the lives of others.

Keisha’s unwavering drive and genuine dedication enable her to serve individuals from all walks of life, employing her expertise and compassion to make a meaningful difference in their well-being.