Lawrence Tuider

2024 Fellow and Las Vegas Brickyard Captain


Lawrence Tuider is a 2024 Fellow and MPU’s Las Vegas, NV Brickyard Captain.

Lawrence is living the American dream. His parents fled a small West African Country, Liberia, before settling in Harlem, NY. Growing up in New York City imbued him with a deep reverence and love for people and their many differences. He has been a team builder his entire life, and the team building aspect was ultimately what made the five years in the Army such a formative experience for him. Lawrence cares deeply about the lack of understanding and productive conversation in our country and is eager to do his part to advance the much-needed mission of +More Perfect Union. He resides in Henderson, NV, with his wonderful wife Maddie and their one-and-a-half-year-old Bernie-doodle Harlem.