Maina Chen

Digital Media Specialist


headshot of Maina Chen, an Asian woman with long dark hair in a grey and beige sweater with mountains in the background.

Maina Chen is a creative storyteller who believes that building community and bridging understanding depends on the stories we engage with. She has dabbled in a wide array of industries, including marketing, journalism, traditional and digital publishing, and video games.

Throughout the start and rise of Stop Asian Hate, she became the managing editor and content manager for the largest online Asian American publication, NextShark. There, she found a duty to uplift neglected Asian communities and amplify nationwide awareness of underreported COVID-19 incidents to reach mainstream coverage. During that time, she produced multilevel campaigns, content, and high-profile interviews for: the Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation, Act to Change, Admerasia, the Democratic National Committee, Define American, Twitch, DC Comics, Marvel, McDonald’s, the Bruce Lee Foundation, and more.

Maina strives to lead with empathy and create even more positive, inclusive, and diverse spaces. When she’s not reading and writing too many words, she’s busting out of escape rooms and being a nerd about puzzles and games.