Megan Smith

Silicon Valley Brickyard Leader

headshot of Megan Smith, a 30 something year old white woman with long brown hair

Meet Megan, a true Texan at heart, but currently calling Palo Alto, California her home. She’s a volunteer Brickyard Leader for the Silicon Valley chapter of More Perfect Union. 

Megan wears many hats in her life – she’s a devoted military spouse, a dedicated homeschooling mom, and a passionate advocate for building connections and fostering a sense of community. One of Megan’s notable achievements is her certification as a cycling instructor, with an impressive record of over 500 hours of teaching. What sets her apart is her commitment to providing these classes free of charge to members of the military community, exemplifying her dedication to service and fellowship.

Her extensive volunteer experience within the military community shines through, with one of her standout accomplishments being the co-creation and oversight of the “White Walls” military life community, which derives its name from the blank white walls military families see when they move into base housing. Megan and the White Walls team have nurtured this community from its inception, and it now boasts an impressive membership of over 115,000 individuals.

In Megan’s life and work, the values of connection, community, service, and fellowship serve as guiding principles. She continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those around her, both in California and beyond.