Naiomi Lundman

2023 Fellow and Dairyland Brickyard Captain

Headshot of Naiomi Lundman, a white woman with long blonde hair standing in front of scenic mountains

Naiomi Lundman is a 2023 MPU Fellow and Dairyland Brickyard Captain in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Naiomi is a seasoned life learner and doer with a consistent drive for service. Mom, foster mom, currently serving in a governance role for our family’s manufacturing and engineering business and charitable trust. Started and co-led a humanitarian making campaign in various parts of the world that led to increased awareness among the maker community of humanitarian needs. Lived and worked in Kenya for close to six years working within the healthcare ecosystem to support vulnerable patients and community economically. Earned an MBA with an emphasis on business with social impact prior to it mainstreaming. Did the corporate 500 thing for several years prior. Education and internships in less developed countries. Curiosity and belief in business as a tool for addressing social ills drove the above. Curious now on how identity+ plays into deep conflict and how to help folks make shifts for positive outcomes. Making mistakes daily.