Rebecca Connell

2024 Fellow and Burlington Brickyard Captain


Rebecca Connell is a 2024 Fellow and MPU’s Burlington, VT Brickyard Captain.

For 14 years, Rebecca Connell served as a CIA case officer, traveling extensively and embracing a life filled with unique and transformative experiences. This journey allowed me to develop a deep understanding of international cultures and complex security landscapes. She recently completed a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity from Boston College, which has further solidified my expertise in this field.

In her current role at Dell Technologies, Rebecca has been leading transformational cybersecurity programs, infusing security into the product development life cycle, and enhancing incident response capabilities. Her work at Dell has not only improved the company’s security posture but also fostered a culture where every team member feels empowered to be the first line of defense against cyber threats.

Throughout her career, Rebecca has consistently focused on building strong, agile teams dedicated to maintaining robust cybersecurity and seamless operations. Whether developing comprehensive security programs, optimizing incident response, or creating effective governance frameworks, her goal has always been to ensure the highest standards of security and risk management.

Beyond the technical aspects, her leadership style is centered on empowerment and collaboration. She ensures that everyone she works with has the tools and confidence to excel in their roles. Her diverse experiences, from global intelligence to corporate cybersecurity, have shaped Rebecca into a dynamic and forward-thinking leader committed to making a significant impact in whatever field she pursues.