Roxanne Shepherd

2024 Fellow and Coupeville Brickyard Captain


Roxanne Kröon Shepherd is a 2024 Fellow and MPU’s Coupeville, WA Brickyard Captain.

Roughly 40 years ago, an epiphany startled Roxanne Kröon Shepherd that the money she was earning as the manager of a long-distance re-seller wasn’t feeding her soul. Later that day, she learned that her alma mater, Whitman College, was looking for a fundraiser to join their first-ever capital campaign. Recognizing that her sales skills were entirely transferrable, she moved into the nonprofit world and never looked back. In addition to that campaign, Roxanne has served through three decades as an active Rotarian; by leading a K-12 schools foundation; and fundraising for the University of Washington, several arts organizations, and a community hospital. Today, she and her husband, Jerry Kröon, serve on several non-profit boards to actively foster the health and vitality of Whidbey Island where they live with their elder statesman dog, Flaps.