Shon Westfall

Atlanta Brickyard Co-Founder and Co-Captain

headshot of Shon Westfall, a white man with a beard wearing a blue suit, with mountains in the background

Shon Westfall is +MPU’s Atlanta Brickyard Co-Founder and Co-Captain.

Shon served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Team Leader completing multiple tours overseas in high-threat regions throughout Central and Southeast Asia. After finishing his enlistment in the Marine Corps, Shon enlisted with an Army Ranger Long Range Surveillance Unit as a LRRP. During his time with the Army, he was attached to the US Army Intelligence and Security Command where he was part of counter-intelligence teams responsible for routing out underground terrorist cells in direct support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Shon recently served as the Vice President of Cyber Investigations for SecureLumen Technologies, a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business focused on investigating and resolving cybercrime with a special focus on Sex Trafficking and Trafficking in Persons (TIPS) Violations. Shon Westfall is a Network Engineer for GM. Shon holds multiple certifications in Open-Source Intelligence and specializes in conducting underground Human Trafficking Investigations.