Sidney Covington

Chicago Brickyard Co-Founder and Captain

Headshot of Sidney Covington, a Black woman wearing a green collared shirt, and mountains in the background.

Sidney Covington is MPU’s Chicago Brickyard Co-Founder and Captain.

Sidney is a results-driven United States Army Veteran leveraging 4+ years of proven experience in social work for families and veterans. Adept at leading teams of personnel in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Possesses a comprehensive background in managing social work and advocacy programs. Proven skill in leadership of strategic business solutions to support change and process improvements while being an effective strategic planner that formulates and executes professional and accomplished strategies to deliver results in Diversity. Collaborative and hands-on with excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to build rapport with clients, staff, and other key stakeholders to resolve problems successfully and ensure positive relationships management focused on quality excellence. Sidney is a President Bush Institute Veteran Leadership Scholar.