+MPU Front Range Brickyard Thornton High School Community Garden

Thornton High School Community Garden

On May 20, join Front Range Chapter Leader Ryan Woolf for a morning that’ll leave you doing and feeling good for local students and families.

Help kickstart and return Thornton High School Community Garden to working conditions so students and newcomer families can grow food this summer! You can aid in repairing raised garden beds, add compost and topsoil, plant veggies, and prepare the space. Any excess food will then be donated to the Five Star Resource Closet.

This service project starts from 8:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. MST. +MPU will provide breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and coffee.

Thornton High School Community Garden has been a long-standing collaboration between its teachers and its foundation. Teachers tended the plants with their students during the school year and cultivated a gardening club lush with their efforts, but soon came the question of who would maintain it in the summer. As it is, only a couple of part-time staffers check in throughout the season, but with this relaunch, the aim is to strengthen the sense of belonging for new neighbors.

This community-led effort includes Adams 12 District partners and the Five Star Education Foundation with hopes of adding the Denver Urban Gardens in the future.

We’ll end the day with a conversation about healthy eating and food sustainability and the importance of creating more positive spaces and events like this one.

About the Front Range Chapter

The Front Range includes a multitude of communities along the Rocky Mountains from Colorado’s capital Denver, to the City of Champions, Colorado Springs, and to the Home of Heroes, Pueblo, Colorado. The region straddles a state border, a mountain range and the Continental Divide itself. The Front Range literally stands above boundaries.

The Fort Range Brickyard Captain is Brandon Newton supported by Brickyard Leader Ryan Woolf.

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