+MPU Front Range TopGolf Dinner And Conversation

TopGolf - Thornton, CO

Join us for an evening of fun, games, and discussion on the concept of humility at TopGolf!

What to Expect:

+ 2 hours of TopGolf play
+ Appetizers, dinner, and drinks (on us!)
+ A guided discussion on humility
+ A chance to connect with other like-minded individuals

Why Humility?

Humility is a virtue that is often overlooked in today’s society. It is the quality of being modest and respectful, and it is essential for building strong relationships and a fulfilling life.

In this outing, we will explore the concept of humility from a variety of perspectives. We will discuss the benefits of humility, how to cultivate it in our own lives, and how it can help us to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. We will also discuss +MPU’s goals, the need for community engagement, and how you can make a difference and help us heal our nation’s wounds.

Who Is Welcome?

This event is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about humility, getting involved with +MPU and our Front Range community, or connecting with like-minded individuals.

Be sure to RVSP ASAP and show up on time because tickets are slated to sell out, and no-shows take the experience from someone else who would’ve wanted to come.

About the Front Range Chapter

The Front Range includes a multitude of communities along the Rocky Mountains from Colorado’s capital Denver, to the City of Champions, Colorado Springs, and to the Home of Heroes, Pueblo, Colorado. The region straddles a state border, a mountain range and the Continental Divide itself. The Front Range literally stands above boundaries.

The Fort Range Brickyard Captain is Brandon Newton supported by Brickyard Leader Ryan Woolf.

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